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En décembre 2016, Equinix a annoncé l'acquisition de 29 datacentres de Verizon sur 15 marchés métro aux États-Unis et en Amérique latine—y compris votre / vos site(s) d'activité. Nous sommes très heureux de vous accueillir au sein de la famille d'Equinix.

We strive to provide the highest levels of service for our customers, and we want to ensure your transition is managed as efficiently as possible. During the transition, our goal is to keep you informed about any changes as and when they happen.

You should have received a number of communications from us, and there will be supporting information available in this Resource Center. Please read the information here and check back for updates and information.

Pour en savoir plus :

For the Federal Service Desk*:

*If you are a Federal customer, your support desk will remain unchanged during the transition.

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