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Simplify deployment and network infrastructure management

Deploy and manage a network infrastructure that leverages your performance and prepares your business for its digital journey. Our experts manage traffic, replace hardware and securely connect your business ecosystem.

Solutions offertes

Équilibreur de charge

Define simple rules, such as routing of requests to the server with the lowest traffic, or apply more elaborate ones, such as routing based on the type of content server to optimize resources.

  • Choose between hardware or virtual appliance modalities
  • Meilleure résilience et disponibilité de votre infrastructure
  • Simplicité d'évolution et absence d'impact sur l'utilisateur final
  • Continuity for service in case of failure or scheduled maintenance
  • Techniques d'équilibrage multiples afin de répondre aux besoins de votre entreprise

Switches and Routers

We offer network equipment from a variety of major manufacturers, including Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches and routers as well as full support for operation and configuration.

  • Optimize equipment, rental time and price to reduce costs and the burden of asset management
  • No initial investment needed – pay one monthly fee
  • Expand your current environment easily without having to purchase new equipment
  • Replace any malfunctioning hardware with additional equipment always in stock that can be managed by Equinix Brazil

Connectivité privée

Meet the need for reliable and scalable connectivity. We offer a point-to-point connection, providing physical and private connectivity for data traffic, with guaranteed bandwidth, between your company’s environment and Equinix.

  • SLA inclus dans le contrat en fonction de vos besoins.
  • Ensured security and bandwidth for your applications’ with 24x7 monitored link
  • High-quality Internet connection combining Internet bandwidth with a point-to-point connection
  • ISP relationship management