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Key trends impacting the Media sector – DPP Predictions Report 2018

Get the report that gathers feedback from the core DPP members, the media industry's international business change network, and evaluates the impact of the 2017 predictions and the technical, business and social trends expected to disrupt the industry over the next 24 months.

Points forts :

  • Private interconnection - the creation of direct connections between different parties within the cloud ecosystem - will continue to be a huge growth area.
  • Getting cloud ready contains to be a key area for DPP members, whether it is working out how best to either use or sell cloud led tools and services.
  • Businesses will better understand and manage their data throughout the value chain with the need for speed will mean a strong demand for real time analytics.

The strength of the annual DPP Predictions is that they are drawn up in consultation with people who know the day to day reality of doing business in the media sector.

Mark Harrison, Managing Director of DPP.

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