27 janvier 2015

Equinix Sees Strong Momentum at First Melbourne Data Center

Over thirty new customers including FirstPath and LiveBackup deploy in ME1

SYDNEY - January 27, 2015 -Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), the global interconnection and data center company, today announced that that more than 30 new customers are currently deploying in ME1, Equinix’s first Melbourne data center. This growth reflects the strong demand from regional cloud and network service providers for Equinix’s data center and interconnection services.

  • According to Frost and Sullivan, Australia’s data center market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13.9 percent from 2013 to 2020, reaching revenue of AUD$1,737 million by 2020 . The development of ME1 addresses the growing demand from businesses planning to expand into Melbourne, the second-largest Australian market, and offer them the opportunity to take full advantage of Equinix’s network, content and cloud business ecosystems to rapidly accelerate their digital supply chains.
  • Cloud and IT services providers, including Bulletproof, Connectivity I.T., Entrust ICT, Exigent and Servers Australia, are deploying in ME1 to connect to Equinix’s robust cloud ecosystem. With a point-of-presence in Equinix’s Melbourne data center, cloud and IT providers can benefit from increased flexibility, scalability and reduced time-to-market.
  • Network service providers are deploying in ME1 at a rapid rate. While Telstra and Vocus recently announced their deployments, FirstPath and Western Australian Internet Association (WAIA) are newly announced customers in ME1. FirstPath, a privately funded tier-1 telco, selected Equinix to be in close proximity to local and global customers, enabling the company to deliver low latency and high-performance connectivity to its customers. WAIA is a non-profit organisation that provides support to all suppliers and users of online services and assists the growth of the Internet industry in Western Australia. By deploying in ME1, WAIA can access Equinix’s ecosystems of industry partners, providing the opportunity to accelerate its business opportunities.
  • Critical mass of cloud and network providers presents a strong value proposition for content and enterprise customers like CacheFly, Azzurri Communications and LiveBackup, a subsidiary of GCOMM. By deploying in ME1, CacheFly and LiveBackup can connect to Equinix’s network-dense ecosystem of more than 1,000 networks globally, over 130 of which are accessible in Australia, giving them the opportunity to choose the best provider to fit their specific needs and grow their business. Close proximity to international network traffic also enables LiveBackup to deliver unique data backup and retention solutions for international businesses planning to house their data in Australia.
  • Customers deployed in ME1 have the opportunity to scale their business both regionally and globally through Platform Equinix™. With access to a large marketplace of over 4,500 potential customers and partners, companies can interconnect to a broad range of business ecosystems, generating revenue opportunities and reducing time-to-market.


  • Lee-Sia May, marketing manager, Bulletproof:
    "In April 2014, Bulletproof opened its Melbourne office to support its regional operations. Equinix’s investment in ME1 provides Bulletproof with the ability to offer new and existing clients local network speeds in Victoria and bolster its hybrid solutions."
  • Vincent Kennedy, CEO, Entrust ICT:
    "Entrust ICT’s channel partner network includes multinationals who require links both locally and overseas. Equinix has the experience and international reach that is required to support our company’s vision. We recognize the benefits of the cloud but you need access to international data centers and trusted providers."
  • John Wooler, managing director, Exigent:
    "When expanding our services into Melbourne we wanted a provider who we had an established relationship with. Equinix provides cost savings while delivering cross connect benefits for our company allowing us to leverage connections across Platform Equinix ecosystems. This makes it easier and cost effective for our business to scale our operations in line with our requirements."
  • Daniel Thompson, CEO, GCOMM:
    "From inception we realized that to be exceptional LiveBackup required the best storage, backup software, network, support and people. Although these individual components were equally important, ultimately LiveBackup also had to consider the bricks and mortar of where to house the service platform. Equinix ticked all the boxes and they continue to exceed our expectations."
  • Pawel Mrugalski, president, Western Australian Internet Association (WAIA):
    "It is very exciting to see a new Equinix data center in Melbourne. Its rich business ecosystem allows us to access to a broad pool of potential customers and enables key industry partners like IX Australia to continue to grow with more peering locations."
  • Jeremy Deutsch, managing director, Equinix Australia:
    "With the tremendous momentum that we’re seeing deploying in ME1, it is tangible proof that Equinix’s interconnection solutions are key to customers’ engaging with a dynamic ecosystem of business partners, networks and carriers.. Enterprises are looking to be in closer proximity to their customers to reduce latency and improve application performance for their end-users. By deploying in Equinix, companies can do just that."

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