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Evolution Events

Evolution Events are held with one of our key partner platform providers, giving you access to experts and hands-on, technical sessions to see what other cloud solution companies are putting in place.

Événements à venir

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What Can You Expect From our Evolution Event Series?

Each Evolution event is held by Equinix and one of its key partner platform providers and looks at Cloud Solutions from a data management perspective. We will give you access to an Equinix Senior Solutions Architect and a similar expert within the third party partner company we are with for the session. You will have a chance to ask as many questions as you like and see what cloud solutions other companies are putting in place or considering.

The session is hands on and technical, helping you to see the benefits of direct access for latency-sensitive applications, showing you how to increase your data security, how to configure Equinix Cloud Exchange virtual connections to multiple 3rd party platform partner instances and how to use the Equinix Cloud Exchange integrated API or portal to set up virtual connectivity to a specific partners’ services in near real time.

We then move on to management and allocation of bandwidth to maximise the unique capabilities of a hybrid cloud and look at how to set up redundant and diverse interconnectivity paths to and from the cloud to ensure high-availability for critical apps.

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