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In order to be an active player in the Internet, your network must be connected to several other enterprises. This allows you to access information, however, in exchange you expose your own structure. Equinix Firewall systems act as a protective barrier that analyzes traffic and data packets, while controlling access to your environment through the application of rules.

By filtering access, you protect your infrastructure by sharing only the specific resources you select with your online partners and vendors. The sensitive information traveling through your network is protected, and you prevent your structure from being used inappropriately by third parties, improving the performance of applications. In addition to the security provided by network filtering, the Firewall service can also be used to implement solutions like VPN networks and IP bandwidth control.

Security for Networks of All Sizes

We understand that every enterprise has a different network usage pattern. Choose our robust and reliable Firewall, available as a service in a shared structure. You can also set up a dedicated environment, to be used exclusively by your network. In addition, learn more about our Load Balance solutions.

Firewall as a Service

This product provides you with redundant equipment that is monitored and managed by Equinix’s Brazilian team of specialists. This solution can protect networks with filtered traffic of up to 100 Mbps. You can hire the Firewall as a service, without the need to use physical space and power in your cabinet. With that, you eliminate investments in hardware and maintenance-related operational costs. Since the structure is already established, you get much faster deployment and agility for future expansion. In addition, you retain autonomy to create and change Firewall rules. Even without technical knowledge on specific tools, you can control the rules with a simple and intuitive web interface in the Customer Portal.

Dedicated Firewall

For networks with high traffic volumes or ones that handle specific features, such as the use of VoIP, NAT, VPN, or game servers, an exclusive infrastructure is recommended. With Dedicated Firewall systems, all the hardware is dedicated for your use only. The equipment is installed in your cabinet, and can be administered either by our team or by your own professionals. The solution is designed and customized according to your needs. Choose from a simple architecture or high availability, in which redundant hardware is configured to increase fault tolerance.

Virtual Dedicated Firewall

Customers who have physical, virtual or hybrid IT environments can choose the Virtual Firewall Appliance solution. This solution has all the features of a traditional Dedicated Firewall Appliance and is implemented in a flexible, robust and redundant virtualization infrastructure.



  • Enjoy increased security while connecting with your online partners and vendors, providing access only to the specific resources you wish to share
  • Dedicated and virtual solutions enable advanced configurations, such as VPN Client-to-Site and Site-to-Site, IP bandwidth control, VOIP optimization, NAT and games
  • Create fully virtual environments with our Cloud solutions
  • Stability guaranteed by redundant equipment monitored and managed by Equinix’s Brazilian team. You can use the Firewall as a service solution without investment in hardware and without taking up space in your cabinet, or set up an environment with dedicated Firewall solutions to fit your need
  • Autonomy to create and change firewall rules, either directly through the Customer Portal, in the Firewall solution as a service, or with the support of our team, in the dedicated and virtual solutions

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