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Last December, Equinix entered into an agreement to acquire 29 data centers from Verizon. Located in 15 cities in North and Latin America, the expanded footprint gives you, our valued Equinix customers, access to interconnection services in these key markets, with proximity to customers and partners to help you meet your business goals. It will also enable our new customers in the 29 sites to expand with our global platform and ecosystems. Today, we are excited to announce that this deal with Verizon has successfully closed.

With the acquisition complete, Equinix offers you one of the largest data center and interconnection platforms in the world. With over 175 data centers across 44 markets and growing, Platform Equinix™ helps customers like you drive innovation, value and growth—transforming your business and globally connecting you with employees, customers and partners.

The new data centers we begin operating today expand Equinix’s coverage to markets such as Bogotá, Culpeper and Houston, and they add more than three million gross square feet of colocation capacity across these and existing key markets for Equinix, including Atlanta, Denver, New York, Seattle and Silicon Valley. The acquisition of these new data centers with approximately 1,000 customers, significantly increases the size and sophistication of our enterprise and government ecosystems, providing you with additional interconnection opportunities.

As digital business requirements touch every company, IT architectures need to adapt to this new reality and set of opportunities. Equinix continues to be a strategic business partner in helping you to solve for digital transformation by bringing your data to the digital edge—closer to your customers, employees and strategic partners. I encourage you to learn more about the value these new data centers and their customers bring to the global reach of Platform Equinix and how we can help you transform your IT operations for the digital era.

Merci de votre confiance,

Steve Smith, President and CEO, Equinix, Inc.

Renforcement de la couverture mondiale de Platform Equinix™

Carte mondiale des datacentres Equinix
  • 29 datacentres

  • 15 zones métropolitaines

    en Amérique du Nord et en Amérique latine

  • 3 nouvelles zones métropolitaines

    Bogota, Colombie
    Culpeper, VA
    Houston, TX

  • 3 million sq ft

    de capacité totale d'hébergement d'infrastructures

  • 1,000+ customers

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